Intelligent Computer Vision

Bringing your targets into focus.

World-Class Expertise

Inspired by critical new challenges in medicine, we have developed industry leading expertise in computer vision. But there is no limit to the potential applications. Our deep neural network (DNN) capabilities disentangle complex sources of information and identify actionable signals from the noise.

We are founding members of INFORM Consortium, leading the pack in AI/ML developement and research for cancer imaging.

Data Simulation and Augmentation

What do you do when cost, privacy, and copyright issues limit data availability? We develop generative adversarial networks (GAN) and diffusion models tailored to your applications. Data simulations help you to plan edge cases and deploy robust computer vision applications.

Cutting Edge Research

We incorporate the latest DNN architectures and conventional ML algorithms to create high performance AI models. Our research is disseminated in top journals and conferences, as well as in open source packages and interactive web apps. Our vision models are battle-tested by our clinical collaborators and business clients alike.

Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Opening black box DNN to understand and reason with AI. We have developed state of the art approaches in saliency maps and importance scores for DNN. We go beyond simple performance metrics to help you highlight the opportunities and insights awaiting within your high dimensional datasets.

Interpretability of Deep Neural Networks for Radiomics (INFORM)

INFORM’s methodological research and clinical application will advance interpretability of feature engineering, generative models, and DNN classifiers with applications in radiomics and broad medical imaging.

  • Rigorous high impact research
  • Translational potential in cancer treatments
User Interface
Custom User Interfaces for AI

Do you want to make a high performance AI model available to your collegues, study participants, or the public? Informatism can develop, deploy, and manage a custom UX/UI and visualization, serving your model in Python or R.

  • Close collaboration and communication
  • Rapid turn-around
  • Modern tech for Python and R

Full Range of Services


We build deep neural networks tailored to your specific data and purposes. Our decade of experience in ML/AI allow us to identify the most relevant and highest performance algorithms for you.


Beyond a blackbox AI, our approach yields robust and generalizable systems. Interpretability provides early warnings and human-understandable explanations for AI predictions.


Our data-driven visualization and reports are made interactive, which allow you to demonstrate the power of AI. We can build cloud based and off-line software packages depending on your privacy concerns.

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From interpretable models to interactive apps, we have in-house expertise to meet your requirements.