Data Analytics and Workflow Automation

Boost your insights with data analytics and scale your business through process automation

Rigorous Statistical Learning

Generative technologies are changing the way everyone runs their business. It’s no longer a question of whether you should harness the power of artificial intelligence, but how. At Informatism, we build customized analytical, reporting, and workflow automation tools optimized for each client’s datasets and business needs.


The benefits of state-of-the-art data science should be available to everyone – not just the technologically inclined. To this end, we build analytics tools with intuitive interfaces that we can customize according to your preferences. We include within our systems a functionality to automatically generate reports in natural language, complemented by clear and high impact graphics. We believe the future of data should be built on the principle of inclusiveness.


Every data set is unique, and so is each customer. Our priority is to use the analytical methods that provide the best balance between costs, scalability, and accuracy. The solution will be different for each client, and for each application. Whether your data requires the use of supervised learning via neural networks, unsupervised clustering, or induction tree analysis, our experts will build the analytical tools that enable you to harness the power of your data.


Our expertise in mining data, generating insights, and automating workflows spans multiple industries and problem types. We have gained our most notable successes in the healthcare and financial industries, where our tools are used by thousands each day. From improving lives to optimizing asset allocations, our tools can be counted on to deliver accurate and relevant results when the stakes are highest.

Case Study
Market Inference: Automated analysis and reporting of stock fundamentals

Automated journalism doesn’t have to be stale. Our algorithms enable the automated generation of financial journalism that actually adds value to the investor’s process. We scan the markets daily for trending stocks and generate reports on their profitability, growth factors, and valuation. We can apply our methods to any data-intensive subject, from sports, to the weather, to gaming.

  • Combining financial knowledge and data analytics
  • Thousands of daily readers across multiple platforms
GUI Frontend
Bespoke GUI Solutions for Statistics, ML, and AI Models

Our in-house experts are eager to create a custom user interface and automated visualization for your data pipeline and AI/ML model. We have developed numerous UX/UI solutions in Python and R utilizing the most efficient and relevant technologies, such as React, FastAPI, Flask, Streamlit, Shiny, and Jupyter Notebooks.

  • Academic and industrial collaboration
  • Fast and Low-cost
  • Modern Tech Stack

Driven by Data

Heterogenous and
Dirty Data

Do you need to derive insights from suboptimal formats and inconsitent databases? Automate your business and analytical processes? We are not afraid to get our hands dirty and preprocess heterogeneous data sources to enable you to obtain the efficiencies and knowledge you need. Our team has experience cleaning data sets in the financial and healthcare sectors.

Scientific yet Creative

With Ph.D.s in computational sciences, we bring rigorous statistical practices to the table. However, the most challenging problems in science and business require innovative approaches and a willingness to bring art into the realm of science. We build boxes, but we can also think outside of them.

Clear Communication

The best performing models and predictions do not speak themselves. Articulating data insights are as important as mining them. We have a decade of experience creating interactive and generative notebooks and web apps in R and Python, so you can effectively reach and communicate your business decisions.

Do you want to get more from your data? Are you confronted with massive and heterogenous data sources? Interested in generating ready-to-publish content from raw data?

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