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Art of Data.
Industry-leading AI and Data Solutions.

We deliver bespoke machine learning, content generation, and business intelligence processes.

Our Products

Our solutions help you deepen your insights, automate your processes, and generate content.

Generative AI Communication

Customized conversation interfaces for hallucination-free data retrieval and analysis. An award-winning mental health companion bot. We have a proven track record in leveraging large language models (LLM) through customized APIs and standalone applications. Our research and development in generative AI chatbots and turn-key web interfaces can help you take your business to the next level.

Intelligent Computer Vision

Technology that can save lives. We have extensive expertise in machine learning with a focus on medical and biological applications. Our deep neural network capabilities disentangle complex sources of information and identify actionable signals from the noise. As members of the INFORM consortium, we have developed explainable AI technology and interfaces for detecting cancerous tumors and predicting patient survival rates. And that’s just the beginning.

Data Analytics and Workflow Automation

Data-driven insights, task automation, and content generation that drive results. From complex statistical learning to interactive data visualization, we help our clients derive accurate predictions and actionable recommendations from their datasets and operations. Our data-driven notebooks and natural language reports display their findings in a compelling format and empower superior data-driven decision-making.

User Interfaces for AI/ML Models

Do you want to make a high performance AI model available to your collegues, study participants, or the public? We can develop, deploy, and manage a custom UX/UI and visualization, serving your model in Python or R.

  • Academic and industry collaboration
  • Fast and low-cost
  • Modern tech stack
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Data processing, workflow automation, and natural language reporting

Are you interested in converting your data into insightful reports? Reducing time spent on repetitive tasks? Are you seeking AI/ML solutions for your data-intensive problems? We can optimize your data structures, discover knowledge, and deliver actionable insights.

  • Tailored AI/ML solutions
  • Privacy-concious approach to data
  • Smart and natural sounding reports
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Custom LLM models and apps

At Informatism, we train, deploy, and service vertical AI models relevant to your business. Our apps and APIs are embeddable at any step of your pipeline.

  • Leverage your know-how
  • Deployment-ready
  • Mobile and web solutions
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Informatism began as a collective of researchers, writers, and designers who use statistics, ML, and AI to create intuitive solutions to data-intensive challenges. Now we make our expertise available to clients across the globe, operating under the belief that next-generation AI models and generative technologies can make businesses smarter, more nimble, and more ethical.
George Dyer
George Dyer

George Dyer is guiding Informatism to a position of industry leadership through an ambitious program of product development and an obsessive focus on client needs. He has a background in law and philosophy, is an avid reader of history and enjoys learning jazz guitar in his free time.

Lennart Brocki
Lennart Brocki

Acclaimed machine learning researcher Lennart Brocki applies his expertise to the AI models underpinning the Informatism product portfolio. He is the architect behind our award-winning Serena bot and builds our in-house transformer models. He wrote his PhD dissertation on quantum gravity.

Christopher Chung
Christopher Chung

Computational biologist and computer scientist Christopher Chung has a decade of experience working at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence. In addition to contributing to product development, Chung builds the IT infrastructure. He maintains popular open source statistical learning tools such as jackstraw, jaccard, and others.

Key Features
Informatism develops and delivers transformational AI and ML services tailored to your business needs. We utilize the industry's best practices to reduce the friction between R&D and deployment:
Open Source

Following best practices and contributing to the community


Continuous development and deployment


Scalable and robust solutions from day 1.


Transparent algorithms and human-understandable.

Cloud Integration

Plug and play with existing services

Privacy and Security

Protect your data and usage from competitors


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